Hello, guys! I think, it’s high time I did a follow forever thingie; no fancy follower numbers or anything involved, just my personal wish. And, since I wanted to make it somewhat special for those people - I can never do things the right way - I thought I’d make it in the form of sketches!

Uh… So, the people (in the order they appear in my ‘Following’ list):

  • crimsonslayer. One of the first people I followed, actually. We barely RPed or talked OOC, but I always enjoy seeing their posts!
  • ssshowtime. (I’ll try to be brief, or it’ll get very long.) RP-wise, here’s a great example of Dante. Strong and sarcastic, unsure and flawed. Perfectly balanced personality, which finds roots in the canon and evolves as the RPing goes. Add to it good writing - and yep. The mun’s a sweetheart too, very talented, witty and kind. Also, my best friend around here. *hugs*
  • snakes-and-red-roses. Well, that was unexpected. I mean, I never expected such good writing and fun ideas, that vary from serious to borderline crack. Never boring to RP with, and the mun’s adorable in their own way.
  • nicht-ein-engel (no, I’m not writing that one, dammit! X)). I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. This is one of those cases, where, sometimes, I have to stop and remind myself that it is actually an RP blog. Need I even say that the writing, characterisation and character development are just perf? Oh, and the mun’s fun to talk to, even though I was scared as hell of them at first.
  • vermiculusvenator. First followed them when they were still known as ‘spardasbastard’, and this here’s the RPer that taught me that Dante =/= jerk. Does anyone know how to give Dante truly adorable moments without going OOC? I don’t, but this mun here certainly does.
  • bloodybluerose. This here is the sassmaster. As in, this Nero here is the King of Sass hands down, and the mun has some pretty witty sense of humor too. Call it weird, considering I’m a Nero-mun too, but I’m fan-girling/fan-boying/fan-whatevering over this Nero here.
  • rebelliousblade. Last but not least, the newest addition to my ‘follow forever’ list. Awesome approach to a weapon humanization, with a distinct and constantly evolving personality. Basically, Reb’s a cutie. And I wish I had the guts to poke the mun OOC.

Yep. So… This is it, I guess.

P.S. Sorry, can’t tag everyone properly, since Tumblr search only sees the first five tags. Hope everyone finds this.